Wednesday, 29 April 2009

It's Us Against Ourselves!

If you ask anyone who are the enemies of Islam, amongst the famous answers that you will get are America,Israel or some might say Bush. Yes!it is undeniable that the power of media over here in Malaysia is very strong. We manage to portray the disbelievers as bad, and we branded them as our enemies.

Our hearts were torn out when we saw our brothers and sisters covered in blood. Tears flooded our eyes when we hear about our brothers ans sisters were homeless. Anger rage in our hearts. We thought to ourselves that we would do anything to save our brothers and sisters, right? But did we really do anything? How do we show our feelings? By taunting our Muslim sisters who dress modestly? And when our Muslim sisters imitating the disbelievers by wearing barely anything, we call it fashionable and liberating?? Or is it by reprimanding our workers to shave off their beard because it is not part of the dress code while you spare the Sikh man of their turban? In the battle of Badr, Nabi SAW blessed teeth were injured, Hadrat Uwais Qarni RA uprooted ALL his teeth for he had no indentification of which tooth were wounded.

This was the faith and Imaan of the Sahaabah RA that we have to imply in our lives.
We should stand up for our religion. Do not allow the disbeliever to manipulate us and tell us what is right or wrong. Remember the disbelievers are strong because they are united. The infidels, the rebels of Allah Ta'ala are great in number. This is the reason they would not like you to speak of Haq(truth) and call them towards Allah.
The disbelievers will carry on instigating the masses of the world. They want the whole world to deny the existence of ALLAH, a direct fight against ALLAH.

Let us all not help them in their course. Remember we are Muslims! We are the slaves of ALLAH and not the slaves of the disbelevers! Nabi SAW said: "A Muslim ummat is like a body. If one part aches, the others will too"

So I'm pleading to all my brothers and sisters in Islam, let us all stand together, love and support one another and hope that Allah Ta'ala will grant genuine faith and Imaan. Ameen!

( Binti Hasan Hussein)

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