Ways to Reach Us


1) By Road - From KLIA to Madrasah

For interactive Google Maps click here:    ALHIKMAH LOCATION

2) By Post

Lot 990, Jalan Haji Borhan
Kg. Giching Hilir,
43900 Sepang, 
Selangor D.Ehsan

3) By Phone

Mobile 1              : 019-236 7926 (Admin - Ustaz Abdul Kadir)
Mobile 2              : 019-313 9561 (Admin - Ustazah)
Mobile 3              : 019-392 1614 (Student Affairs - Ustazah)
Mobile 4              : 011-4038 4296 (Intake & Interview- Ustazah) *Important - If your call is not answered immediately, please leave a message stating your need, the Ustazah will reply when available.

4) By email

a) For general enquiry : mahlilbanaat.general@gmail.com
b) For application submission : mahlilbanaat@gmail.com


Monday - Friday
7.30 a.m - 4:30 p.m

If the madrasah personnel you contact cannot be reached at that moment, please leave a message stating your need or you may try again later. Jazakallah for your kind co-operation.

For boys you may contact:

Mobile 1: +6011 2366 2220
Website: http://www.madrasahalhikmah.edu.my/


ummu nazir said...

what are the conditions of admission to the college has an age limit?

Itminaan said...

The girl should be at least 13 years old to enter the Madrasah. There is no age limit, we have students who are in their early 20's. This is a full time Hifz / Aalimah Course.
Please take time to browse the site for more details, or contact us for any inquiry.

syahmiag said...

if there any requirements for enter these madrasah other than 13 years old..jzk

Itminaan said...

There are no other requirements, however this madrasah is a English based madrasah which means all subjects and communication are done in English. Therefore, knowing basic English is an advantage and knowing basic Arabic would be a greater help InsyaAllah.

fairoze said...

do you have any vacancies for muallimaat who have studied in arabic medium in pakistan. they are origianally from sri lanka

Itminaan said...

At the moment, we have enough staffs making Khidmat. However, you may send us your resume if there may be any need in the future. Jazakillah.

syahmighani said...

may i ask if there any other madrasah for alimah n hafizah for girl near to sepang or kajang..learning process in malay language..n the fees not too higher expensive..jzk

KASHIYA said...



syahmiag said...

may i ask if there any other madrasah for alimah n hafizah for girl near to sepang or kajang..learning process in malay language..n the fees not too higher expensive..jzk

Itminaan said...



We will send the contact details of few madrasahs to your email. Please mail your email address to mahsj98@yahoo.com.


Number one requirement is the applicant has to be at least 13 years old.

All students are interviewed prior to admission. Students who pass the interview agree to obey all the rules and work hard; completing homework on time. We regard enthusiasm, effort and parental support very highly.

Basic Fees:

Registration : RM 400 (non refundable due to reservation)
Tuition Fees : RM 5,400 a year (RM 450 a month)
Healthcare : RM 100

FOREIGNERS (upon registration)

Registration: RM 400
Visa: RM 1000
1st 6 months fees: RM2,700 (RM450 per month)
Healthcare : RM100

*Kitaabs and Uniforms excluded

Aalimiyyah (Syariah Islamiyyah) - Arabic & Islamic Studies (4 years).
Tahfeedh Al-Quran - Memorisation of the Holy Quran.


Girls: Madrasah uniform, black burkha (tudung labuh).
Clean & smart: Makeup, nail varnish, eyebrow plucking and inappropriate haircuts & colouring of hair are NOT allowed.

പരലോക തൊഴിലാളി said...

salam,,,, it is very less time u r giving the students for having breakfast, lunch and dinner. As ur time table shows, only 15 minutes allowed for food... it is reasonable to the staff and administrators as well ? pls give them more time for having food(at least 30 minutes) and play(1 hour) and qailoolah(1 hour)... thanks...salam

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum. Is this madrasa only for girls???

Habib Umar said...

Salam my dear brothers and sisters. I am a Muslim living in Australia and I am interested to bring my daughters to learn the Quran and foundations of Islam. My daughters ages range from 10, 6 and 5. Do you have arrangements for children as young as them or do I have to wait until they are 13? I would prefer to bring them at an earlier age and if you know any other madrasah that could help please give me their details.

Itminaan said...

@പരലോക തൊഴിലാളി

With regards to your concern,
1- Yes, each one of our staff @ teachers has spent 4-7 years in institutions which give students limited time for not only eating, but also sleeping, bathing etc., and Alhamdulillah they all managed.
2- Islam discourages useless chatting and heavy discussions during eating time, so it is for this reason we set such a timetable since we strive to bring up our students according to Islamic lifestyle. If students wish to do so, they may during their free time.

Itminaan said...


Yes, this Madrasah is only for girls age from 13 years and above.

Istisyhad Ain said...

Assalamualaikum .. after they finished studi .. can student continue their studi in local university or overseas ??

Itminaan said...

To: Habib Umar,

Wassalam, firstly we apologize for the extremely delayed reply.

With regards to your inquiry, sadly we dont have arrangements for girls younger than 13 years old as Alimah course is designed as higher Islamic education (equivalent to high school to pre-university level of studies).

We understand your concern, so we suggest that you contact the following learning center:

Toyyiba Ilm Center,
Lot 6433, Jalan Jati, Kampung Melayu Subang, Shah Alam, Selangor.

016-6986577 (Ustazah)
010-2313246 (Ustaz)

Hamza Magarang said...

Asslamo Alaykom.

Upon seeing your post about the current registration for 2015 intakes, it would be appreciated if a comment would be heard from your Office. I am Hamza Magarang,22 yrs old, a Filipino citizen with background in reading qur'an. I am interested in enrolling to your madrasa. I am praying that a response would be heard from you.JazakaAllah Khair.

Hamza Magarang said...

reference person:
AbdulHakeem Muhammad(Imam of Sultan Masjid, Singapore) and his brother Muhammad Ameerhussein Basher (Al-Heekma Aleem Student)

Praying for your reply.

Itminaan said...

@Hamza Magarang:

Details of 2015 Intake & Registration (Girls) will be posted on the main page soon InsyaAllah.

As for the boys section of Madrasah Al-Hikmah, please visit their website: http://www.alhikmahsj.com/

or you may contact the madrasah: http://www.alhikmahsj.com/contact/


bint mc said...

Salam. I'd like to ask if the madrasah is giving a scholarship to those interested people who have no enough financial. From Philippines. Sukran

Itminaan said...

@bint mc@

As for now, there is no scholarship offered by the Madrasah. However, you may contact this number 019-236 7926 (Admin - Ustaz Abdul Kadir) or 013-389 5373 (Ustazah) if you wish to discuss this matter personally and see if Madrasah could offer you other options.

Faiza Khan said...

Salamalikum ,

we live in Subang jaya, we want to send our daughters to madarrsa for Islamic studies and Arabic but your school only take girls above 13. are there any other option similar to your madrassa for younger kids where the main mean of communication is English.

my daughters are 6 and 5

Apple Genesis said...

Assalamualikom Warahmatullah!

I was told that i have already reserved a slot on year 2013. I just wanted to ask if i was really registered back then. I've been trying to contact your e-mail, but i think it is unreachable. My name is Anan Capal Ampaso from the Philippines.


Itminaan90 said...

وعليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته....


You may contact the Ustazah in charge of registration for that matter.

+6013-389 5373 (most preferably via Whatsapp)

You may also call her on the same number. In case your call is not answered immediately, please leave her a message stating your need and ask for a suitable time for you to call back.

shihabudheen ek said...

assalamu alikum
i am shihabudheen from india going to complete my nine years traditional islamic theology study under the guidence of shiak sayyid ibraheem kahleel albukhari one of the spiritual leader in india
i have completed most well known traditional isalmic texts and now i would like to share what i got from my teachers by 9 years study
i humbly request to you that what is procedure of being one teacher in your institution
i selected your instituion why i would like to come in this ramzan in malaysia for visiting if you can give me information please send me message
with regards

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaykum

Me and my sisters live and Dubai and we would like to attend your madrasa will you be taking in any student, for the September. I also sent an email please let me know jazakAllah khair

Itminaan said...

Wassalam Shihabudheen Ek,

Please call/whatsapp Ustaz Abdul Kadir (number stated above) to discuss further.

Itminaan said...


Have you gotten any reply via email? Otherwise, you may call the ustazah in charge of 2016-2017 registration (number stated on main page).

Anonymous said...

As Salamu Aleikum,
I'm a Brazilian Revert to Islam from Brazil,currently living in Portugal, i am married Alhamdullilah,i would like to know the procedures, on how married man can participate in the madrasah, i am currently 24 years of age, would it be possible for me to be in this course? As its the dream of my live for me Inshallah to become a sheikh for the sake of Allah swt. Money is not a problem Alhamdullilah. Help me with a solution please... my email is adam@evolinx.com Kazakallah Khair

Raima bint Ahmad said...

Assalamu alaikum.😊
I just wanna ask,what is the minimum years for you to finish the said course? Jazakallah khairan.

Raima bint Ahmad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Itminaan said...

@raima bint Ahmad

5 years for a complete aalimah course (excluding foundation year ( Nazirah)

Itminaan said...


Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal.
You may refer to the boys section of Madrasah Al-Hikmah's website for details of application procedures.


www.hotmoney.com said...

We understand your concern, so we suggest that you contact the following learning center:

Toyyiba Ilm Center,
Lot 6433, Jalan Jati, Kampung Melayu Subang, Shah Alam, Selangor.

016-6986577 (Ustazah)
010-2313246 (Ustaz)

www.hotmoney.com said...

Dear Brother/Sisters
For those parents keen to send their children below 13 years aged,
We understand your concern, so we suggest that you contact the following learning center:

Toyyiba Ilm Center,
Lot 6433, Jalan Jati, Kampung Melayu Subang, Shah Alam, Selangor.

016-6986577 (Ustazah)
010-2313246 (Ustaz)

Sef Ali said...

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu... I understand you only admit in your institution those girls aged 13. Much as we want to avail the quality education you offer, my daughter's age as of this writing is only 12 years and soon to finish her primary education at Dar al-Uloom wal Hikmah in the Philippines on March 2018. Please let us know when are you opening again the application for foreign students. My daughter will turn 13 on November 2018 INSHA'ALLAH.

Anticipating your immediate and sufficient reply on this inquiry.


Ghaffar Rahman said...

Kindly email us your intention at mahlilbanaat@gmail.com

A Square Fayaz said...

Assalamu alaikkum

A Square Fayaz said...

Assalamu alaikkum wa rahmathullahi wa barakathu
I am Indian and I am working in UAE ABUDHABI and I have married to a philline who is reverted muslim since 2012 and she accepted islam when she was working in malaysia ,currently she is working as karate instructor in UAE and nor she is more keen and so enthusiasm to study islam and to teach islam to others.
I was searching since long time in many places for her admission and was not able to find but now I am satisfied and happy to your school is having so good Islamic environment so I would like to take her admission in your school and what are criteria and requirement to join your school to study alima course
So can you please give us a valuable information .
And let me know if there is any discounts for new revert muslim who is willing to study islam if not please tell your fees and other required documents
And another query is that my elder brother is alim already and studied 6 years in india and now even he want to study higher education so there anything sources for those who is already a arabic alim please guide us with proper information


Jazakallahu khair

Sef Ali said...
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