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1 comment:

Canada Unlocking said...

As salaam wa alaikum,

My name is Abdul Aleem from Canada. I am considering moving with my wife and 3 kids to Malaysia by August 2017.
I want to enroll my kids in an Islamic Madressa that is pro "Tabligh" and that would accommodate foreigners who are primarily English speaking.

I am considering visiting Maylasia this month (December 2016).

My son is 11 years old and is memorizing the Quran and has finished 14 Juz.

My daughter is 9 years old.

If you can provide me any information about your school and any relevant visa information for Canadians.

As well if you can recommend any other Islamic schools in Malaysia that would be suitable for us.

We would like to live in a house near the Madressa so our son can come home to sleep.

Jazakallah khair