Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Fear Allah Wherever You Are!

( Ad-Durr ul-Manthur )

Once Hadrat Abdullah ibni Umar ra was travelling out of Madinah. A few servants accompanied him. At the time of meal, they sat down to eat. A shepherd, grazing his sheep, passed by. Ibn Umar ra invited him for meal. He said "I'm fasting"

Ibni Umar ra remarked, "You're fasting whereas it is such a hot day? Hot wind s are blowing and you are in the dessert!" He answered, " I'm making valuable my life of this world"

There after Ibn Umar ra tested him, " Do you wish to sell a goat? We'll pay you it's price. After slaugtering we will give you some meat that you can eat for iftar (breaking fast). The shepherd said "These goats are not mine.These are my master's goats."

Ibn Umar ra said "How will your master know? Tell him a wolf ate it." The sheperd pointed to the sky and exclaimed " فأين الله ? ' (where has Allah gone?) Ibn Umar ra in astonishment and with relish continously repeated " A shepherd has said فأين الله ? فأين الله ?


Rosli said...

Allahu Akhbar.

CT orkid said...

368The son is an example of childrens among of sahabah of Rasul sallallahu alaihi wasallam. we need to propagate the daawah among our brothers and sisters to make the good iman n a'maal b4 death. Insya Allah...