Monday, 20 April 2009

SpReAD LoVe...!!!


Nabi SAW once mentioned, "A Mukmin is a place of love and there is no khair (goodness) in a person who does not have love and is not loved by others."

In another hadith, Nabi SAW has mentioned, "You will never enter Jannah unless you have Imaan, and you will not have Imaan unless you love each other. Should I tell you of an act which will create love between you? ....... Spread salam amongst you!" (Muslim)

To have mutual love among the Muslims is such a strongly recommended act that Nabi SAW has even linked it with Imaan and entry into Jannah.

So here in this hadith Nabi SAW has mentioned one method of creating love between each other which we should try and practice i.e. "Spreading Salam"

In yet another incident Nabi SAW advised Hadrat Annas RA with the following:
" O my beloved child, if you are capable of spending each morning and evening with out having any hatred for anyone in your heart, you should do so, for that is from my sunnah. Whoever loves my sunnah loves me and whoever loves me will be with me in Jannah. (Tirmizi)

May Allah Ta'ala grant the Muslims the ability to keep a clean heart, remove all hatred from it, love one another, no matter who the next person is. It is the Imaan in the hearts of the Muslims that is of value and that demands love.

" Oh Our Lord, please do not place the feeling of hatred for the Muslims into our hearts! ~Ameen~
[Binti Abdul Ghaffar]

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