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Fundamental Rules & Regulations

Below are some highlighted fundamentals extracted from the Madrasah's Guidelines.  Click Al-Hikmah Guidelines Booklet for details.

Should there be any confusion or doubt regarding the madrasah’s Rules & Regulations, we advise parents to refer to our Ustazs/Ustazahs for assistance.


1.   Visiting hours:-  

a)                  Monday to Thursday     : 5:30 - 6:15 pm. 
b)                 Saturday                             : 5:00 - 6:45 pm. 
c)                  Sunday                                 : 2:00 - 5:00 pm.

* No visiting hour on Fridays and Thursdays before a long weekend. Students are busy with general cleaning (gotong-royong) from 5 p.m to 6:30 p.m.

2.   Students may go out on Sundays (during visiting hours), with their parents. Students who are not back by 5p.m., will only be released 8 hours (min.) after the actual release time on the next long weekend (Friday, 2 p.m)

3.   Visitors may enter allocated toilet and classroom for performing solaah. Visitors may not enter dormitories and surau without prior consent from madrasah authorities.

4.   Visitors are to dress modestly and respectably when visiting the madrasah and students. Jeans (whether openly or inside jubah), short or tight fitting clothes, and uncovered hair are considered as inappropriate.The madrasah has a right to deny entry for visitors with inappropriate dressing.

5.  No male will be allowed to enter the madrasah premises, unless accompanied by a male authority of the madrasah. (Boys below 6 years of age are excused)

6.  Students are not allowed to loiter on the road for meeting visitors. They should meet and speak to their visitors within the allocated visiting area or in the car.

Holidays and Weekends Breaks

1.  The Outing Register must be signed by the guardian before leaving.

2.  Parents/guardians must not insist on fetching their child before the aforementioned time, for a refusal may offend. Only in extreme circumstances may this be considered at the discretion of the principle. Leave Application Form should be filled and submitted before taking student/s out.

3.  Students returning from sick leave will be required to produce an official Medical Certificate.


Long weekend will be delayed (from actual release time) or totally forfeited due to:-

1.  Arriving late to madrasah after a weekend break or holidays
2.  Failing to do provide an official Medical Certificate
3. Invalid Medical Certificate

Telephone Calls

Admin (Ustaz Abdul Kadir)        : 019-2367926 
Admin (Ustazah)                            : 019-3139561
Student Affairs (Ustazah)           : 019-392 1614 *

*  Students may receive phone calls on this number.

Calling Sessions (Friday, 2 p.m – Sunday, 5 p.m)

Morning              :               9 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Evening               :               5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Night                     :               8 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.  

1.     Calls are to be made by family members and it is a privilege for foreign students only as they do not go home during long weekends. 

2.     Local students may however receive/convey important/urgent messages through the stated numbers.

3.     Parents and guardians are humbly requested to avoid any discussion that may disturb or hinder the studies of their child/ward.

4.     Other family members may communicate with student through letters which has to go via the office. All letters will be censored.

5.     Any sort of phone calls, sending/taking messages should be done via Madrasah as Madrasah prohibits making telephone calls and sending/taking messages, for or on behalf of another student as to avoid conflicts and miscommunication.


1.     Only parents are allowed to fetch and send student/s from and to Madrasah.

2.     In the case where parents are not able to come, students will only be permitted to leave
with a married mahram after permission from the Madrasah.

3.     Students must leave and return from holidays and weekend breaks with their proper Islamic garb (hijab).

*Mahram - According to the definition of shariah is that male with whom marriage is not permissible under any circumstances at anytime in her life. (E.g. father, brother, paternal and maternal grandfather, paternal and maternal uncles and nephews)

Ten Day Cumulative Absence Limits


1.    Students who stayed absent and returns from sick leave will be required to produce an official Medical Certificate (or proof of treatment such as receipt or written letter from the doctor). Failing to do which, one day from the following weekend break will be forfeited for each day absent and are counted toward a student’s cumulative absence total.
2.    Permission requested and granted for taking off, leaving early or returning late without a valid Medical Certificate is considered as a courtesy. Disciplinary actions will however still be taken on the student wherever apply.
3.    Family (or other) vacations taken when madrasah is in session are not exempted and are counted toward a student’s cumulative absence total.

4.    Students are expected to seek assistance from classmates with regards to any form of class work which is missed during absence as soon as she returns. Every lesson missed should be understood and learnt/memorised, ignoring the missed lessons will result in difficulties to continue the lesson.

5.    Again, students are permitted a total of 10 absent days, excused or unexcused, for the entire year. Only “exempted absences” do not count toward this total.

6.    Student who stayed absent for a maximum of 10 days OR MORE in the whole year will have to repeat the year if deemed necessary by the institution. This is not a punishment but a measure of student’s incompetency after missing too many scheduled activities.

7.    Exempted absence :
a)    Madrasah’s official Holidays/Breaks
b)  Hospitalization / Quarantine (with official M.C. This does not include period of time in sick bay)
c)    Death of immediate family member**


Sick Bay


1.   Student who complaints of illness shall be placed in the sick bay, with prior permission from ustazah. During this period the student is to exercise complete rest and is not allowed to participate in any scheduled activity – academic or non-academic. 
2.  The respective room prefect should be informed and subsequently brought to their respective tutor’s attention for further action.
3.    Only the ‘big girl’ or other senior in-charge is expected to attend to the ill student.
4.    Student who is still ill after 72 hours in sick bay may go out for treatment and M.C. (or proof of treatment such as receipt, written letter from the doctor) is required upon return.
5.    Students (or their guardian) are required to fill in the record book even when going out due to illness.
6.  Students should have basic medications supply with them, such as: Medication for headache, fever, flu & cough, honey, vitamins, asthma pump/inhaler and etc.
7.    If need be, parents/guardians will be informed to take their children for treatment.
8.    Normal optical and dental matters or any medical appointments must be attended to during weekends-off or holidays.
9.  The cost of medication or consultation, wherever applicable, will be under the responsibility of the parents.

10. Each student is required to have a minimum of RM100 in their ‘Account2’ for healthcare purposes. For e.g. clinic fee, dentist fee, medication, optometry etc. This amount shall be maintained as deposit in their account and is not meant to be used for their spending and will be refunded (or brought forward for the next year) at the end of the year if not used or any balance is left. 
11. Days in the Sick Bay without MC are counted towards a student’s cumulative absence total.

Persistent violation of the rules and regulation of the institution will ultimately result in the expulsion of the student.

Last, but not least,

Students Prematurely Leaving The Madrasah For Good

1. Mudir shall make arrangement with the parents for the pick-up time. The students and belongings are to be collected from Madrasah Office. Collection must be conducted during office hours.

2. Parents and students who are leaving the madrasah are not allowed to enter madrasah gates to collect their belongings and meet other students.

3. Their belongings should be packed by students in charge (Room ameerah) and sent up to the main office.

4. Parents and students are to collect the items at the office.

5. Any messages to be conveyed to existing students will be conveyed through students in charge (Gate girls)

6. Accounts (Healthcare/tuck shop/visa) will be cleared and balances (if any) will be returned through Online Transfer after deducting outstanding fees (if any). Parents will be contacted for banking details.

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