Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Sick Lion

Mufeedut Taalibin
A lion, no longer able to get food by force, determined to do so by cunning. He lay down inside a cave and pretended to be sick, and when any other animals came into the cave to inquire about his health, he pounced on the them and ate them.
Many lost their lives, till one day a fox came and suspecting the truth, called the lion from outside instead of going in. The fox asked " How are you oh Leader Of The Wild?" The lion said that he was very ill. "But....."said the lion, "why do you stand outside?"
"I would have not done so...." answered the fox, " If I hadn't seen all the footprints leading into the cave but none coming out".
MORAL : Be observant and intelligent in order to be successful!

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