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Rules and Regulations

Alim & Tahfiz Courses

  • Requirements to enroll
  • How to enroll?
  • Madrasah Schedules (Daily schedule, Weekends, off weekends and holidays, Academic year)
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Guides to what the student should bring 
  • Guides for Parents and Guardians
  • Exams
  • Fees and Donations


1. Only a full time student can enrol.
2. Completed primary education.
3. Both parents and student are prepared to strictly abide by:
- The schedules of the Madrasah 
- The rules of the Madrasah 


Submit the Application Form and sit for interview


C1. Daily schedule

06:00 Subuh prayer
07:00 Breakfast
07:30 - 10:30 Classes
10:30 Morning break
11:00 - 12:00* Classes 
12:00 Lunch & rest
02:00 Zuhur prayer
02:20 - 04:20 Classes
04:30 Asar prayer, break 
06:30 Dinner
07:00 - 9:30 Study time, Maghrib and Isha’ prayers
09:30 Class dismiss
10:30 Lights off

*On Friday there will be no classes from 10 a.m. till 12 p.m.

C2. Weekends, off weekends and holidays

  Classes are from Monday to Saturday. Students are allowed to go home on the breaks and weekends stipulated by the Madrasah. 
They are not allowed to go home during other weekends. 
Parents may visit their children at the Madrasah after classes. 
There are three term-breaks and a Ramadhan break in a year.
Months wherein there is no break, students are allowed to go home for one off weekend. The off weekend is stipulated by the Madrasah.
Students should be back in Madrasah from off weekends by Sunday before Maghrib.

C3. Academic year

The academic year starts on early January. Academic Calendar will be given to parents or students each year. This calendar is prepared for convenient reference of Madrasah activities. A notice will be given in the event of any change in this calendar.
Parents/guardians and students are expected to comply with the Madrasah’s regulations and adhere strictly to dates stipulated on the academic calendar. 
Parents/guardians are expected to plan family vacations or Umrah trip that it takes place during holiday time.
To avoid any ill feeling due to refusal, they are advised not to request for any extra holiday, except if;
i- The student is ill 
ii- or an immediate family member passes away.
The Madrasah does not consider a brother’s wedding and other such ceremonies a need for a student to be absent.


D1. Rooms

Each student will be allocated to his room. Students should use rooms allocated to them. 
They should not unnecessarily enter other rooms.
No person will be allowed to be brought into the boarding without prior consent of the personnel in charge or the principal.

D2. Uniform

a. White jubah [length: below the knees but above the ankles] 
b. White headgear (kopiah) 
c.  Kain pelekat  
d. White pants 
•   Each student should posses at least 3 sets of the above uniform.
•   Uniforms are to be worn at class and prayer times.
Students are required to wash their own clothes.
Sleepwear and sport outfit should be of modest and of a respectable nature. Jeans and western clothing are not allowed.

D3. Discipline

Students should adhere strictly to the daily schedules and academic calendar at all times. 
The principal, teachers and warden are responsible for the moral and practical life of the students. They have the right to discipline them. Disobeying instructions is an offence.

D4. Prohibited items

Cellular phones, radios and electronic games
Comics, magazines and un-Islamic literatures or cassettes 
Reminder: By enrolling, the parents agreed that confiscated prohibited item is given to the Madrasah; thus it will not be returned.

D5. Cleanliness

Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms and classrooms 
Uniforms should be clean, neat and presentable
Students are required to keep their hair as short as possible


Bedding: pillows, blankets, two white bed sheets and two white pillowcases.
Toiletries: all toiletries and hand washing equipments.
Towels: two large towels and bathing outfit.
Sundries: a Quran, basic stationeries, alarm clock & basic medicine. 


1. All clothing should be marked with the students’ name. 
2. All the above have to be taken back home for long breaks. No goods to be left in the boarding during long breaks.
3. Mattress and locker will be arranged by the Madrasah.


Parents play a great role in the moral upbringing of their children. It is not a one sided effort of the teacher alone. The teacher will do his share and parents will also play their part.
o    Parents/guardians can help by showing eagerness and concern for: 
- The student's good behavior. They are requested to keep an eye on the character and morals of the students.
- The student's educational progress. Parents/guardians must encourage their children to take their studies seriously and boost their spirits always.
o    Parents/guardians are requested to see that the students maintain an Islamic way of life even during the holidays. 
- They should be punctual for their solah with jamaah and daily Quran recitation. 
- Their dressing and appearance must be of such a nature that befits a student taking up Islamic studies. 
- They should not be allowed or encouraged to attend any gathering where Islamic law is violated.
o    Parents/guardians are fully responsible for any damage caused by the students to the property of the Madrasah or any other damage.
o    Parents/guardians are requested not to undermine the interest of the Madrasah in any way. All constructive suggestions to be made to the principal directly.


•    There are two exams in a year.
The Report Card will be handed to the students before they leave for holiday.
The students’ progresses in the semester will be stated in the reports.


The Madrasah annual fee includes food, lodging and tuition fee. It does not fully cover the operating cost of the Madrasah. Therefore, the Madrasah accepts contribution in forms of zakat and optional charity. Kindly note, the zakat is for the deserving students who cannot afford the Madrasah fees. If any parents cannot afford the fees, or any part thereof, please inform the principal. 

We appeal to one and all to pray for us and assist us in this noble work of uplifting the Word of Allah. In the past, a lot of parents have assisted us with their donation in cash and kind. We trust that you will continue doing so in the future too. 

Cheque should be written to MAH SJ Resources. Fees and contribution can also be deposited in the Madrasah’s account. Please inform the Madrasah about the transaction once made.

The bank details are as follow:

MAH SJ Resources

1206 0002579 71 4
Bank Muamalat
Subang Jaya

Kindly assist us in this gigantic task by adhering strictly to all the rules and regulation of the Madrasah at all times.

Jazakumullah Khairal Jazaa’. May Allah Ta'ala reward you the best of rewards for all your sacrifices for the cause of His Deen.

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