Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The important role of mother in child education

A mother has significant, basic role in education. This is evident in the following points:

1. The family influence in education
-The family is the first tier in the process of social upbringing. It is the family that instil in the child the standard by which he or she judges everything he or she later receives from all social institutions.

2. The child is influenced by mother’s condition at pregnancy
-The mother dominates a stage of the child’s life all by herself with nobody else sharing her role. An embryo in its mother’s womb is influenced by several things. One of these things is nourishment. The type of food an embryo received from its mother affects it in various ways.

3. A mother’s role in early childhood
-Early childhood is a very important state in the raising of the child, and the role of the mother at that stage is greater than of anybody else. While the baby is still nursing, she has the greatest contact with it. For a great purpose that Allah Ta’ala made, the only nourishment of the baby at this stage is by nursing from it’s mother.

4. A mother’s role with her daughters
-If a mother is the closest person to children in their early childhood, this closeness is greater and continues longer in the case of daughters. It is very necessary for a mother to live with her daughters and be close to them. A girl is more likely to be open with her mother than her father. It is necessary for the mother to fill the emotional void her daughters suffer from.

5. A Mother Should Know the Private Details in the Life of Her Children
-A mother takes care of the clothes of her children and the housework of the house, as well as intimate details that concern her children. A mother represents one half of the household, and a father can by no means meet the full responsibility of raising his children. Nor can the school alone have the full responsibility. The combine efforts of all concerned parties should work in harmony towards the same end.

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