Friday, 13 August 2010

Let's Ponder.....

There is a month that’s approaching us,  
A month that could bring happiness  
For those who obey and listen  
To HIS order and to HIS commands
Follow one command of sacrifice  
And you’ll find that everything will suffice 
Never did you wonder nor did you ponder  
How much reward would HE give if you felt the difficulty of hunger?  
Come my friends together we think 
How much money did we spend in a blink? 
Just to give satisfaction to our heart 
While days are becoming hard  
For our Muslim brothers that’s apart 
No intention that HE wants us to suffer 
Nor does HE want us to feel hunger 
But it’s a way to make us better 
When we experience the condition of our Muslim brother 
May HE give us the ability to do 
The duties that we have received  
And insyaAllah let us be among those who
Have been rewarded because of what they’ve achieved....
created by : Bint Tamat

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